Sewing is a party: discover the Primrose box

It has now turned into a Maison Fauve event that we prepare for with a lot of impatience as each element of this box is carefully thought out.  I hope you are pleased and make sewing a celebration with the new Maison Fauve Primrose sewing box. And believe me, in the PRIMROSE dress you will be the most beautiful person on the dance floor…

Discover the sewing pattern for the Maison Fauve sewing box

I created the Primrose dress with the idea of offering you a cut that flatters the silhouette while remaining light and fun. The skater shape will nicely outline the waist, and blossom into a Corolla bloom for a twirling look. The front neckline is modest, slightly flared on the shoulders to free the neck. But it’s from the back that Primrose stands out and meets all your desires:

  • Elegant, sophisticated and restrained in its full back version, the choice of fabric will determine the style you want to give to your handmade project. 

  • Devilishly feminine with its cutout stunning back and a luxury  fabric will give it all its grandeur

But the standout detail of this beautiful sewing pattern is its embellished cuffs with skillfully twisted pleats. This subtle coquetry is not as technical as it seems, and as always at Maison Fauve we provide you with a free detailed video tutorial to accompany you at each sewing stage.

Lily fabric full of poetry

For this new edition of the Maison Fauve sewing box, we offer you a fabric that plays a part in the Fauvae Botanica collection: Lily viscose jacquard.

Its delicate satin floral embroidery embellishes the fabric tone on tone. The fabric has a drape and suppleness that perfectly highlights the skater cut of the Primrose dress. Easy to sew and marks well with an iron, it will allow you to perfectly create the signature pleats on the cuffs.

We offer you this beautiful fabric in 2 colors:

  • The timeless elegance of Deep Black

  • The theatricality of Rouge Cherry

    In your box, you will also find Wink buttons matching your fabric, for a perfect sewing project down to the smallest detail.

    Make sewing a party

    We have chosen to make this sewing box an exceptional gift to treat yourself or your favorite sewer. The Primrose pattern itself is beautiful: the envelope is entirely decorated with our floral pattern with a shimmering gold lamination. And the box design takes up the flowery designs of the envelope, and when opened it is surrounded by scented tissue paper with the scent of Black Fig by Estéban Paris that we wrap everything you need to sew your party dress.

    Far beyond a sewing box, it is the promise of a beautiful hand-made piece. I wish you a wonderful time discovering Primrose!

    Credits: this lovely shooting took place in London, thanks to our photographer Benoît Audureau, the wonderful Narinam for the beauty, and the adorable Elena for the hair. Hortense earrings by Maison Pernille 

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