Summer SoHo: The sewing tutorial of L'Œil Fauve!

Our sewing patterns are offered by season, in their own themed collection. The beautiful SoHo is part of our last winter collection "Empire State of Fauve", and it embodies the perfect wrap dress, elegant and feminine. This pattern is part of the story of my heroine, an urban woman, who goes fast, who wants beautiful clothes, no frills, timeless.

When a pattern is designed to be a wardrobe essential, it's a shame to confine it to one season, and I really wanted to see this pretty dress and blouse sewing pattern included in the summer wardrobe more than that of winter.

A free sewing tutorial

Every summer we offer you in our webzine L'Œil Fauve a sewing tutorial, and it's often a hack that allows you to play with your Maison Fauve patterns. I thought my "Summer SoHo" would be a nice idea for this new edition: a feminine sewing pattern, sewn in colorful and bright fabrics, for a shoot in a colorful place.

We offer you the armhole pattern pieces that allow you to sew the SoHo dress/blouse without the sleeves. These pattern pieces seem innocuous, but they have several advantages: they are graded, perfectly calibrated, and above all they will allow you to redraw the armhole of your garment yourself. Indeed, a sleeveless dress is not simply a garment from which the sleeves have been removed ;) The armholes, for a nice fall, must be cut a little, in order to release the arm just enough.

New version, new sewing video tutorial

To guide you every step of the way, we've shot a video tutorial of the summer version of SoHo. And we killed two birds with one stone, because it is a version with visible buttons and without the belts that is filmed. This option is available in the original pattern but had not been the subject of a dedicated video.

This pretty buttoning reinforces the light blouse look of SoHo, and the harmony between the glitter edged buttons and our Léo Bleu Lagon viscose poplin gives it a fresh look, the suppleness of the fabric and the buttoning perfectly underline the work of the cut.

The absence of a belt gives it a slightly less curved side (SoHo already has the line supported by pleats in front and back). The other advantage of removing the belt is that you can, if you wish, tuck the garment into your pants without being inconvenienced by the additional volume of the knot in the back.

But our beautiful summer SoHo is obviously wonderful in a wrap dress!

A dress that does not lack allure 

In the dress version, there are 2 looks that clash: on the one hand the beautiful SoHo is bright and colorful in Ultra Violet viscose twill, and on the other SoHo is elegant in Art Deco Wave viscose poplin fabric.


Whatever the version, we find the detail that changes from the more classic models of the wrap dress: the belt does not cut the waist line on the front of the garment, the line is not hindered and the fabric can thus express its fall.

In plain, the strong color and the drape of the viscose are the stars of the outfit, and Julie looks crazy chic in her dress.

The printed version takes advantage of the construction advantages of the pattern: the clean line highlights the pattern well, and I took advantage of the 2-part back to insert gold piping, which subtly brings out the neutral tones of the fabric. 

To find the steps for assembling the belted dress, go to the first sewing video tutorial from SoHo, posted online when the pattern was launched. And this new version bypassing the assembly of the sleeve and the cuff, the sewing pattern is accessible to all levels of sewers, in particular beginners who can progress quickly according to the versions, gradually integrating the different techniques.

Plain, printed, with or without sleeves, in a dress or a blouse, SoHo will certainly make a place for itself in your wardrobe!

How to make your Summer SoHo

  1. The original SoHo dress/blouse pattern
  2. The PDF supplement to download with the new issue of L'Œil Fauve or directly here
  3. The free sewing tutorial

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