The top Cruise Outfits featuring our blazer/shorts duo!

When I launched the Fauve Romance collection, I explained that I wanted to create a “cruise” style wardrobe. This term originated in the 1920s, when couturiers developed collections aimed at affluent customers looking for a wardrobe that was less constricting and formal than ceremonial outfits, to wear to travel on a cruise to milder-climate countries during the winter. The cruise style prefigures the birth of luxury sportswear. The outfit is less formal, the clothes are comfortable, but without losing a certain look ;)

While the arrival of paid leave and changes in society pushed the term into disuse as early as the 1940s, Chanel brought cruise shows back to the forefront in the 2000s, followed by all the major fashion houses.

I see the cruise style as a creative but more streamlined wardrobe, easy to wear every day, with pieces that serve you throughout the season. And for me, the pivotal outfit of this season will be the tailored suit in the summer version.

Long live the short suit!

For sunnier days, the outfit becomes less formal, and trousers give way to shorts or a playsuit, for a lighter, more playful suit that’s no less elegant for that! This season, the jacket is less formal, reflected in the shoulder line. I created the Mimosa blazer to bring a little androgyny to the silhouette: its straight cut and reworked frame is softened by its shawl collar and large patch pockets, its cut is looser than a classic suit jacket, and its fit is not too oversized.

I’ve also designed the length to match perfectly with the Grand Bain shorts or the Cosmopolitan playsuit: the proportions are just right, and the tailoring effect works wonderfully.

The Cosmopolitan pattern is the second piece in this outfit from the Fauve Romance collection. I love wearing playsuits in summer, they are so easy to wear, one piece dresses you up, and they can be worn over a little top, a swimsuit, or combined with a jacket.

The tailoring effect is all the more striking, especially if the patterns are sewn in the same fabric.

The timelessness of plain fabrics

Plains are always a safe bet, especially when it comes to wearing your jacket and shorts or playsuit separately. You can opt for soft colours, or on the contrary, take on an outfit sewn in a strong hue. To sew the most elegant of short suits, we’ve added a new fabric to the Maison Fauve range: gabardine. Our fabric has a medium weight, ideal for creating an ensemble, and has been given a specific surface preparation that gives it a soft feel, very pleasant to wear.

The more muted azure of the Smoky Blue gabardine will play a different picture, and pairs easily with blouses or shirts to show them off, as with the Mimosa and Grand Bain short suit. In Sulfur Yellow, the Mimosa and Cosmopolitan duo stands out, creating a fun, sophisticated suit, and this colour will also give your outfit a real zing if you wear your blazer with more muted colours.

Never without my tweed

 As a great lover of jacquard and tweed, I was able to express myself fully with Fauve Romance by creating the most desirable of suits, sewn in our beautiful Tweed fabric. It’s a soft, supple fabric that can be used to sew jackets as well as shorts, playsuits and dresses.

The Sunrise colour is unbeatable for spicing up a suit, while the Sorbet colour picks up on the pastel notes so dear to this collection. The graphic woven pattern of our new tweeds will add a contemporary, elegant touch to your creations, where the colour doesn’t take over and it’s easy to pair them with jeans, shorts or a plain dress. Indeed, the beauty of tailored separates is that each garment can be worn either separately or together.

And if we take it one step further?!

You know how much I love playing with our patterns, and I must admit that this season I’m keen to continue exploring proportions. I’m thinking of pushing the tailoring cursor a little further, by revisiting one of our patterns as Bermuda shorts, for an outfit that explores more the masculine/feminine look... I’ll come back to you when you can try out this little hack that’s been on my mind!

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