Sewing Pattern Tutorial: The Malibu Polo

With its boxy cut, reworked volume and dropped shoulder line, the Malibu sewing pattern revisits the iconic polo shirt for a very elegant sporty look.

Our pretty polo shirt pattern is the perfect sewing project for a quick sew with just the right amount of technicality to keep you on your toes: it doesn’t have many parts, can be sewn in a wide range of warp and weft fabrics and can be sewn with sleeves to the elbow or a sleeveless version.

You can sew your polo shirt with the polo placket and contrasting collar to give it that tennis-woman-on-the-run look, or cut your pieces from the same fabric for a more sophisticated style. Measuring instructions are given for each version on the pattern’s product sheet and in the illustrated booklet that accompanies your Maison Fauve pattern.

The technical aspects covered in this step-by-step video are:

  • Sewing a polo button placket
  • Assembling a collar without a collar stand
  • Assembling a flat sleeve

Everything will be explained step by step, this pattern is classified as intermediate because of the specific technique of its button placket, it will be the ideal project to master this technical skill ;)

Happy sewing!

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