Sewing pattern tutorial: The Paola Dress

A dress that reveals the skin, a dress to feel the caress of the sun, that’s Paola! Its front neckline is rounded and flows through to reveal all its beauty from the back, with a neckline worked by a set of perfectly placed straps.

With perfect movement thanks to its side cut-outs and its flattering fit at the bust, it comes in two versions: a small top and a dress just above the knee. The main technical point of the pattern is the installation of the neck bias which extends to form the straps.

Paola also has 2 pockets where you can slip your hands, whether you're strolling nonchalantly by the sea or sipping a drink on the rooftop.

Do you want to feel a bit more covered up wearing Paola? It also looks lovely slipped over a small tank top, a contrasting bra or your prettiest swimsuit!

Happy sewing!

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