Sewing Tutorial Sailor Short Dungarees

Hello! It's so hot that baring your legs is almost obligatory...and what better way than in the cutest short dungarees! With its bows on the shoulders, its fully lined bust and its slanted buttoning, Sailor is the hottest of dungarees, and the shorts version makes it a perfect Summer-Beach-Apertif piece ;)

The pattern has been part of the Maison Fauve collection for several seasons (it belongs to the SEW ME TENDER collection) and it remains one of your there were no more excuses not to film the video tutorial of the superb SAILOR dungarees in the shorts version :) The pattern already has a step-by-step photo available in the tutorials section of the site for the trousers version HERE I bought this pretty jacquard last week during a little trip to French fabric store Mondial Tissus ... you know one of those little so called visits where you think you're coming for 2 zips and thread...and you leave with arms full of fabric hihihi! It was the end of a roll, the color was amazing, in other words, a favorite purchase. I hesitated between sewing a SABLE jacket or the pretty SAILOR...the current temperatures decided for me. I have several pretty versions of Sailor in my closet, including an ultra hot tweed short dungaree but not suitable for summer. This jacquard fabric has hold, which means that the pleats of the shorts and the turn-ups are well highlighted. This sewing pattern can also be sewn in denim, chino fabric, cotton sateen. 

Under Sailor I wore my new little favourite, the Blush camisole. Under the overwhelming sun it is a perfect combo. For the photoshoot, I wanted a dressier outfit: light make-up, high heels, a beautiful bag and impressive jewellery. But a white t-shirt or even a denim shirt will also be perfect with these dungarees. The fabric is very detailed, despite its dark colors it is a bit satiny and to calm things down by shifting the outfit towards a cooler touch is an option that I will definitely choose. At the moment, are you more like "never, even in summer" or "holidays I forget everything drop your heels"? I have put the link to the PDF version HERE  I really want to sew it in a less dressy fabric, a little flexible. It's a quick pattern to sew (especially if your fabric has a bit of stretch because there is a way to put it on without a zip;)). 

Come on, let's go for the tutorial video of the SAILOR short overalls!      

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