Sewing Tutorial: The hack of Summer SoHo (sleeveless version)

The SoHo sewing pattern is a dress and blouse duo with a very feminine wrap cut from the previous Empire State Of Fauve collection.

The sewing pattern proposed on our site provides that the garment has long sleeves. But since we really like the beautiful SoHo, and since wrap dresses are a timeless part of the summer wardrobe, we got to work ;)

Here is an easy-to-follow sewing step-by-step video to sew your "Summer SoHo" thanks to the redesigned front and back armhole facing pattern pieces offered in PDF on our site. 

In order to offer you a very complete accompaniment around the sewing pattern of the SoHo dress/blouse, a first video tutorial is already online for the belted version, and it is a new variation with the visible front buttoning which can be found in our new free sewing tutorial. In addition, this new simplified version reduces the technical points and offers you a beginner sewing level.

Fabric consumption and cutting plans for the sleeveless version can be found among the download files of your free pattern pieces.

Happy sewing with beautiful SoHo!

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