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Hello! I'm a bit quiet after all the activity related to the launch of the new collection. After the competition I had to work on the Panama pattern to give you a pattern with new options. I hope you will like my Panama 2.0 and that it will inspire you to make many more beautiful sewings :) I am finalizing the baby, I hope it will be ready in 10 days. This experience with this PDF pattern and all your feedback has made me realise that there is a lot of expectation for this format. I'm happy because Panama has gone around the world, and I've received requests for other patterns to be made available in PDF. It's a bit of a complicated decision, I'll explain it all soon, but I've decided to enrich the PDF pattern offer with patterns from the pocket collections. Putting together all the patterns in these new formats (A0 A4 and US letter) takes time so I'm being more discreet. And then I told you about the competition I took part in with the BGE in November, I was one of the challengers who won an accompaniment and coaching to help me grow Maison Fauve. The final competition with an oral presentation and a dossier to hand in is coming soon. There is a grant at stake, but above all I will feel more legitimate as a creator and entrepreneur. So I'm working and stressing, but it's to go further ;) So to wait, and because she is one of your favourites from the Sew me Pampa collection, I am offering you today a first tutorial on the SIERRA pattern. The pattern is available as a dress and a top, with an open back and a closed back version. This first step by step tutorial is about the open back top version. There will soon be a second tutorial with the dress and closed back version, so that you have all the detailed options. The top was sewn in a very pretty AnnaKa Bazaar printed viscose. The fabric has worked a lot on the bias when interfacing the back, so I recommend you to be careful and test your fabric if needed.   Let's go to the tuto:

  1. Join the back pieces and the front piece by the shoulders right sides together. Finish the seams. Join your bust by the sides with right sides together and finish the seams.
  1. Heat seal your pieces if necessary. Assemble the front and back facings by the shoulders right sides together and finish the seams. Finish the outline of your piece.
3. Place the bust and facing right sides together and join at the neckline and back.   At the bottom of the back join the facing to the bust up to mark B. Clip your rounds, trim your corners and clip at the edge of mark B so that you can fold the seam allowance into the bust-facing seam. Turn your facing inside out. Attach the facing by hand stitching to match the shoulder seam. Make your buttonholes at the bottom of the left half back.   
  1. The waistband: Join the back waistband pieces to the front waistband piece from the sides, right sides together. Press the seams open. Fold your waistband right sides together along the fold line and stitch all the way around, stopping your seam between the B marks to create an opening.
Unfurl the corners and turn them right side out. Mark the seam allowance of the unassembled area with an iron, and iron your belt well.   Assembling the belt on the chest: Crease your chest in front between marks A and C. Press your back between marks C and B. To do this: release the thread tension on your machine, lengthen your stitch, and change your bobbin thread to a contrasting thread. Stitch in the seam allowance and leave some thread length before cutting. By pulling on the bobbin thread you will make gathers. These will be distributed when you join the belt, using the markings on the belt.   Pin your waistband right sides together on your bust (the B notches on the waistband correspond to the B notches on the back bust). Your waistband has markings to help you position it: start by pinning according to these markings, then distribute your bust gathers. Pin well and sew, then turn your belt over. Fold your seam allowance to the inside of your waistband, and secure with a seam that will be visible along your waistband on the right side. 
  1. Sleeves: close your sleeve lengthwise, overcast the seam. Assemble your sleeve on the armhole, relying on the reference notches.
  1. The wrist: Fold your wrist piece right sides together and join edge to edge. Form the cuff bracelet by folding according to the mark, wrong sides together. Press the bottom of your sleeve and join with your cuff (unclosed portion of the cuff edge to edge with the bottom of the sleeve). Finish and turn your cuff inside out.
 This is a nice SIERRA top! I hope this step by step will help you in the making of your model, I say to you very soon for the tuto of the dress. The SANTA FE top tutorial will follow, and we'll have the complete SEW ME PAMPA collection!

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