The beautiful dress Sonia: the video tutorial

The dress Sonia is a long dress whose line is worked by cuts and studied proportions: the waist is raised, the bust is gathered in front, the back is supported by darts and the skirt flares out smoothly thanks to its yokes.

The front of the skirt and the sleeves in 2 parts will allow you to play with your fabrics: contrast of colors, materials... Everything is possible according to whether you want a dress full of pep or a very chic evening outfit.

The detail of the wrist, with its 2 pretty buttons and its gathers is the final touch all in delicacy.

The technical points of the model are: the front skirt yokes, the gathers, the cuff assembly and the invisible back zip. But don't worry, all these steps are detailed in the video... It's time to follow me in the step-by-step of Sonia 

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