Emilie Talks Maison Fauve with The Sew Mindful Podcast

There is no more incredible adventure than making a living from your passion. Founding Maison Fauve was a turning point in my life, both professionally and personally. I started sewing during my second pregnancy, a bit by chance, with the desire to create my clothes following my inspirations and my fashion desires. I discovered a community that I never suspected, and a great wealth of influences and creativity.

I was a dental surgeon when I launched my brand, as a side project, and I finally made the decision to leave my practice in 2020. The Maison Fauve adventure was then able to take on a new dimension: I joined forces with Julie, and we have grown the team, and are now 9 people who keep Maison Fauve alive and progressing.

The brand now offers 2 major pattern collections per year, as well as fabric capsules and haberdashery. We also offer our customers a number of free hacks during the year to further develop their Maison Fauve patterns. We put out a lot of content online on our YouTube channel: video pattern tutorials, podcasts on our collections, sewing tips, and, and we launch twice a year our webzine L'Oeil Fauve, a digital magazine that talks about fashion, inspiration…And sewing!

For the past year, we have wanted to take Maison Fauve even further, beyond the borders of France. We launched our website maisonfauve.co.uk and our Instagram @maisonfauveuk in order to reach out to the English sewing community. We feel that seamstresses in the United Kingdom experience sewing well beyond the notion of a hobby, it is more than a pastime. You have a real culture of handmade, and I really want to introduce Maison Fauve to the Anglo-Saxon sewing community. We participated in our first show in London in October The Knitting and Stitching Show, and WOW what a welcome! It was a bit of a crazy gamble for us to organise our place there from France, but, the kindness and especially the feedback from the seamstresses we met in London about Maison Fauve made us so happy!

I never imagined life would take me in this direction when I sewed my first garment. I feel grateful for the progress I have made, and nothing pleases us more in the workshop than discovering how the seamstresses adapt and revisit my creations!

I had the opportunity to tell my story and present Maison Fauve in the Sew Mindful podcast and I thank Jacqui Blakemore for her generosity and kindness. I hope that this episode (and my not always perfect English 🙃) will interest you and allow you to know more about Maison Fauve!


I loved chatting with you about your passion for what you do, your inspiration and your design process. Your enthusiasm is so inspiring and I look forward to chatting again soon! X

Jacqui Blakemore 23 May 2024

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