Sparrow…the shirt made with love!


Many of you are new here and do not know some of our older patterns; so let's start with the "history" of this pattern…because it has a very special importance for me. Maison Fauve had been my adventure for 3 years at the time of this collection, my slightly crazy dream which continues from season to season. But this beautiful dream takes up a lot of space on a daily basis, my family shares it all. And at the time my husband was more involved in my small business (collecting the patterns from the printer, going to the post office on the days I was at the office, helping me with packaging...the fun parts!) . But above all, he always had (and still does) an opinion on the designs, the choice of fabrics, and his eye counts when it comes to deciding on a detail or a cut. 

I wanted to invest even more in Maison Fauve by suggesting that we imagine together a piece for men. We decided to focus on a timeless piece in the men's wardrobe: the shirt! We had to think about the cut, tailored without being too fitted, and also about the small details that would bring all the uniqueness to the pattern. And it is the thought out revisited English collar, as well as the concealed buttoning which gave all the originality to the pattern, without too much eccentricity.

My husband was very specific about the proportions he wanted, and I suggested different details to give the shirt a very neat appearance: all sewn using French seams (all seam allowances are included and very detailed), with a box pleat in the back, back darting, topstitching, the famous collar of course, but also a very handsome cuff with a pointed tab. And the button placket is in two parts so you can, if you wish, contrast the fabric of the placket and the collar for a “false tie” effect. The Sparrow shirt was born! 

The first version that I show you here is all white, pure, sewn in a magnificent cotton with small herringbones from Eglantine and Zoé (whom I thank with all my heart, because we discussed a lot about this first men's pattern). 

This beautiful men's shirt also has its counterpart in the women's collection: the Swallow shirt. The women's blouse has a much looser cut, a gathered back under a yoke, the shoulder line is lowered for a slightly boyish look, but the signature details of the men's shirt are still present: the wing collar and concealed buttoning.

So why do patterns have these little names? Sparrow and Swallow, two pretty bird names which directly refer to my husband and I, we are tattooed and we chose to ink pretty birds on us, sublime swallows for my man, a pair of wings to my ankles and a goldfinch on my back (but Sparrow sounded better with Swallow ;) 

And I leave you with the pearls of this photo session along with the video tutorial, Sparrow pattern and look forward to seeing your love in their beautiful handmade shirt .... see you soon!



I loved reading this, going to try the sparrow shirt but without the tattoo! Thank you for your enthusiasm and also the speedy way my orders are dispatched.

Trefor Watson 23 May 2024

Thank you for sharing your love ❤️ with us. It is inspiring.

Judith 23 May 2024

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